DCFM - Development Construction Facility Maintenance

How to Use DCFM Services

In relation to optimising our services to you, please use one of the following steps when contacting DCFM.

For all Job & Quote requests

DCFM can rapidly respond to your job/quote request in three different ways:

  1. Email - Please forward all requests to dcfm@dcfm.com.au
  2. Fax - Please fax requests to (02) 9460 8913
  3. Phone - Contact our service coordinator at the DCFM call centre on 1300 00 DCFM (3236)

Contacting a Technician

If you wish to communicate directly with one of our site technicians:

  1. Email DCFM - Please forward message to dcfm@dcfm.com.au marking the e-mail ‘attention’ to relevant technician, DCFM will either:          
    1. Send a sms message to the technician or
    2. Call the technician directly
  2. Call DCFM - For urgent matters contact our service co-ordinator and he will forward you to the relevant technician.

Verbal Job Request

We understand that at times you may request a job order on site or over the phone to a technician. Technicians cannot proceed on jobs without a DCFM job number. To ensure that the job request gets logged and actioned by DCFM please use one of the ‘for all job & quote requests’ options above to submit a job request.
DCFM strives to ensure that we meet the requirements of our customers. Our processes ensure we have a check and balance system in place to maximise our reliability to you.

If you require any information about the above please contact DCFM on 1300 00 DCFM (3236) for assistance.